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2016 and ongoing

In connection with work being completed by Vaughn Garland at Right Here Once and A Sound History for the Trail of Enslaved People, TA People's Record of Richmond is an ongoing popup series of public interviews with residents and visitors of the historic southern city of Richmind, Virginia on a variety of contemporary topics that define and challenge the city's identity.   Recorded interviews may be uploaded to Right Here Once where they will be used to tell a public story of the same issues that are present and real for all of Richmond.   



Nuestras Historias: Latinos in Richmond

2016 to 2017

There are approximately 100,000 Latinos in the Richmond metropolitan area who represent a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. The Valentine, in collaboration with partners from the Richmond Public Library, Sacred Heart Center, and the University of Richmond is undertaking a collecting project to explore, understand and incorporate Latino history into the fabric of Richmond.

Supported by a National Endowment for the Humanities grant, The Richmond Public Library, Sacred Heart Center, The Valentine, The Jackson Foundation and the University of Richmond.

Image by Michael Lease, Sacred Heart Community Center,
Richmond, Virginia 2016


Reviewed by Catherine Komp at WCVW and Community Ideas Station I NPR

Nuestras Historias Exhibit Documents and Celebrates Richmond’s Latino Residents

November 30, 2017




Made in Church Hill

A Collaborative Community Documentary and Exhibition

University of Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth University, Church Hill Activities and Tutoring (CHAT), The Valentine Richmond History Center

Church Hill, one of Richmond’s oldest and most historic neighborhoods, is in the midst of a profound transformation. Often described as up-and-coming and cool, it is also a place whose ethnic, racial, and economic composition has changed drastically over the last century. Through image, word, and sound, Made in Church Hill expresses this community’s transformation, as experienced by the people who live and work there.



Above audio clip contains the spoken word poems written by CHAT students and included in the exhibition

Recorded November 18th




The Soundways of Route 5 2014-2015

A Collection of Field Recordings by Vaughn Whitney Garland 

Right Here Once: The Soundways of Route 5 is a collection of the sounds that one might hear as they drive down Virginia’s historic State Route 5.

Over the course of the summer and fall 2014 months Garland hopes to locate sounds from the farmlands, diners, barber shops, churches, rotary clubs, hunting parties, plantations, and the James River. 





Driving Richmond:

Stories and Portraits of GRTC Operators

A multimedia project— photographic portraits by Michael Lease, text panels based on interviews conducted by Laura Browder, and sound portraits by Benjamin Thorp—that draws on the experiences of Greater Richmond Transit Authority bus operators.

The stories they told us changed the way we looked at the city.

Driving Richmond: Stories and Portraits of GRTC Operators will be on view at the RVA Street Art Festival in Richmond, September 11-15 at the former GRTC depot on Robinson and Cary Streets in the Fan.


This project was curated by Vaughn Garland.







Top Image by Michael Lease, Sacred Heart Community Center, Richmond, Virginia 2016